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Das Weltkulturerbe

Continuation of the fairy tale.

​That German-language document you may find here!

Once upon a time there was an Empress who had many, many sick people around her, nearly all of whom wanted to live life to the full, but these high costs were no longer available to all of them!

So some of the sick people around her said to themselves: The Empress should be subject to us, because if she does not live in a castle and does not have the resources that an Empress should have, but lives among us, then we will decide where and how and whether this so-called Empress may live!

And so it happened. None of these sick people were willing or able to meet the Empress at eye level and so everyone around her played a false game, because they were outnumbered.

The money had also been distributed to all the sick and so other people from distant countries of the world had to die for lack of this money, for lack of food and drinking water, because these sick people simply did not understand the meaning of their lives!

So the Empress was once again hit hard in the deep in her sleep by one of these sick people from the house where the Empress lived, with a bang that could have had serious consequences for her health.

But that was by no means all. The old stories such as strange odours caused by dangerous substances and presumably a lot more came to the light again in the Empress's living quarters, as if everyone was allowed to make use of this kind of criminal activity.

It was only because one or other of these people had not been punished by the rule of law, either because there was no evidence of their criminal behaviour or because they had failed to get to the bottom of things, that the Empress's life continued to be trifled with.

And the Empress no longer liked this at all and could no longer allow it!

She said to herself: "Oh, OK then", but she wondered where the have remained healthy adults had actually gone?

Were there any left, and if so, why not around her? Why didn't anyone tell her what was actually going on, but instead they were banging car doors or other objects to show their displeasure?

Why couldn't anyone behave like a human being? Why, what had happened that only sick people were still moving around the Empress?

Where were the others?

Who had planned or controlled this and ensured that the Empress's sister, for example, was still expected to cope with her difficult everyday life in the same way for decades among these sick people?


So the Empress said to herself: Without an appropriate and clear reckoning, directed at the criminal elements and without the conditions of her home town already established by her person, the Empress would not go to the next front, but would remain on the spot until a visible reckoning had been made by the Empress's Cudgel and the financial means for the work on the next front had been clarified.

Furthermore, the Empress said to herself: And if it was to be the last thing she could do, she would want to arrange everything that was already planned for her home town and written by her!

She also told herself that she must never challenge the Cudgel or the Creator of humanity or make demands of Him, and so the Empress decided to wait a few more days for the appropriate reckoning to be addressed to the sick and carried out by the Cudgel.

If the days passed again, she would repeat the demand to the relevant authority herself by organising a meeting in Neustadt-Schleswig-Holstein with the groups of people already mentioned. There it would be decided on the spot which of the sick citizens of her home town would receive an official summons or admission to the clinic in order to be able to obtain forced but truthful information.

It would also have to be decided on the spot who was to be acquainted with the cudgel wielded by the Empress!

The Empress decided that there would be no progress in the matter without an appropriate reckoning with some of the sick, because the Empress, as well as other affected persons, also only had one life, which had long since ceased to be a joke!

The Empress ruled out a meeting in the clinic in Neustadt, Schleswig-Holstein, with the King and the Emperor so that no new misunderstandings could arise in advance, because what applies to a King or Emperor in no way applies to anyone else, which must already have become clear!

And so the fairy tale continued very slowly for everyone and very tragically for many people, with wars still raging in the world and the arrogance of the capitalist population and rulers not wanting to end well.

The Empress had long since had to stand against time every day and watch as the sick retreated into their mendacious denial of reality because the Cudgel did not make it sufficiently clear what the matter was!

But the Empress knew very well that the Cudgel belonged to her and should become the property of the King after her and the Emperor's death on earth, but would also work for the Imperial couple in the afterlife if necessary.

She imagined that the Cudgel would then pass to the true Clergy for another ten years after the King's death, until the Cudgel had completely disappeared from the world; but before that, the world and the people in it should be completely renewed by the Emperor, with the help of the Empress!


Luebeck, 9 February 2024